E-commerce can be defined as "a type of business model, or segment of a larger business model, that enables a firm or individual to conduct business over an electronic network, typically the internet" ("E-Commerce," 2009). E-commerce technologies can connect between business firms, or even between a business firm and a customer. The internet nowadays is considered very important in completing transactions.
Evith gives business firms the chance to make use of e-commerce technologies by offering e-commerce system packages that can be used by different types of companies.

Why are e-Commerce systems important for modern business firms?

Adding a modern and effective e-commerce system to the assets of a business firm can increase its revenues in a notable way. The revenues that come from e-commerce worldwide are estimated by trillions of dollars every year, and the dependence on e-commerce is increasing. There are some companies that depend mainly on certain websites for income (like eBay). E-commerce is a very important asset for a lot of reasons:

  • E-commerce technologies enable business firms and customers to complete transaction instantly.
  • With e-commerce systems, transactions can be made anytime of the day.
  • E-commerce systems offer the ability to make instant and live communications between business firms and customers.
  • Business firms and individuals can use e-commerce technologies to collect information about goods and services in total privacy and freedom.
  • E-commerce systems are good for saving expenses because they don't need a lot of employees to be operated. Also, e-commerce systems don't need stationery to work.

What are the services that we are offering?

Evith is offering some of the best e-commerce systems that can be found in Australia. The customers of Evith are enjoying success because Evith's e-commerce systems and products are well designed and supported by strong marketing strategies.

Evith's products are multi-layered and multi-featured, but the team of developers was very careful about designing products that can be used by nearly everyone. In fact, Evith's products are among the easiest e-commerce systems to use in Australia. The customer doesn't need to have a special kind of skills to make use of Vios's products. A person with a basic knowledge of using computer can use Vios's systems easily and effectively. Also, the customer doesn't need a big budget to start using Vios's systems. There are only 4 basic requirements that a Vios's customer should have to start working with his/her new e-commerce system: 1. A personal computer. 2. An Internet browser 3. An available connection to the Internet. 4. A bank account or credit card.

Online Marketing Experts

In addition to the simplicity of the systems, we are also offering specialized guidance and support from a team of online marketing experts. The team is dedicated to providing you with tips and technical support. The team is ready to help your business grow at anytime of the day. Thus, you will not only guarantee a high volume of sales, but also a high level of quality. With Vios, it's not about the quantity nor is it about the quality, but it's about both of them together. Some of Vios's customers have increased their sales by more than 200%, and that was by using the effective e-commerce systems of Vios.

We are offering its customers some of the easiest and the most effective e-commerce systems that can be found in Australia. Evith is offering a wide collection of packages; any type of business firms from any size can find what it needs. Vios cares about the success of its customers in their businesses, and that's why we are offering its customers technical support from a team of online marketing experts. Vios is always improving its products in order to give its customers the ability to increase their profits to new levels.

Want to know more? Contact Us Now or choose from the packages below:

Package Cost  
Complete eCommerce Solution
- Free .com.au/net.au domain first year
- Professional web design
- Online shopping cart (Unlimited products)
- User Registration
- Product management system
- Accept Credit Card
& PayPal Payments
- Custom scripting
- Up to 30 content pages
- Unlimited email accounts
- Control Panel (CPanel)

- Web hosting $30/month